New Trends In Real Estate & Luxury Summit

The Inaugural “New Trends In Real Estate & Luxury Summit,” gathered Thought Leaders and Influencers to listen, learn and inspire one another through meaningful dialogue around curated and moderated topics.



Scott Kirk - President & Founder of Interluxe, John Makarewicz - President of Mark Spain Real Estate and Maren Brisson-Kuester - COO of HM Properties and 2019 NC REALTORS® President share their perspective on industry disruptors and modern solutions on the Alternative & Non-Traditional Real Estate Panel.



The Alternative and Non-Traditional Real Estate Panel provided an in-depth overview to new market entries from various start-ups that have been largely funded by institutional inventors and VC’s and an exceptional rate of recent. You may have found yourself wondering: What is an iBuyer? What’s the difference beetween iBuying and Home Flipping? Who are the iBuyers? Where are the iBuyers doing business? and ultimately - Is iBuying the apocalypse for traditional Agents and Brokers? To address these concerns and answer many questions, Inman has created and Essential Guide to iBuyers. Click here to learn more and get informed.


Interluxe organized and hosted the first Inaugural Summit in Charlotte, one of the fastest growing markets in the country, to educate and inform agents on current Industry trends and how to differentiate among a competitive landscape and to embrace and evolve with technology.

Among concern of start-ups and perceived disruptors, Interluxe reassured Brokers and Agents that the Interluxe Real Estate Auction Marketplace™ is a resource and solution that empowers them and their clients to control all aspects of the sales process resulting in the highest market price in a quick, efficient and timely manner.

Click here to learn more about Interluxe, the successful track-record and hear what agents and clients positively shared about their experience.



The future is now as the City of Charlotte begins the process to develop the community’s shared vision for growth and development.

The City of Charlotte’s Planning Director shared his perspective and highlighted the overall plan which you can review here.